Today we ask that you perceive there is no middle ground between faith and fear.

Either you are in faith, or you are in fear.  There is no middle ground.

Faith simply means trusting and believing that reality is intrinsically good.  

Fear means perceiving reality as threatening, and annihilating.

You cannot be in an in-between space with this.

Either reality is loving, or it is cruel.

Please do not confuse “faith” with “fundamentalist belief.”  Most religious fundamentalists are deeply fearful in their worldview.  

True faith, which is faith in the goodness of reality, cannot be conditional.  If it is conditional, it means that you are someone who believes reality is good, until something does not go your way.  Then life is cruel.

Another way to look at this is: when things do not go your way, do you feel like a victim?  Or do you have faith that when you meet with adversity or the unexpected, there is a purpose to it.  Can you even connect with a sense of greater empowerment in such situations?

Much of humanity still dwells in fear consciousness, in victim consciousness.  Reality is perceived as threatening, and annihilating.  Life is, at best, a struggle to survive, to achieve dominance, and to ensure that one’s offspring survive and dominate.  The chronic, gnawing fear state can only be eased by addictive pleasures, temporary highs, or numbing out. As soon as the drug of choice wears off, the underlying panic returns — creating a cycle of addiction.

Faith consciousness is as different from this as day from night.  It is a completely different landscape, unrecognizable to someone who knows only fear.  In faith consciousness, reality is perceived as benevolent, and loving.  There is a sense of a vast and loving intelligence at the heart of all creation, an interconnectedness of all things.  Life cannot be annihilated, and is not annihilated even at death.  There is a deep purpose and meaning to existence.  Nothing is random, and there are no accidents.  

As you can see, there is no middle ground between these worldviews.  

In fear consciousness, there is constant suffering, struggle, and misery.  It is a dog-eat-dog world.  Life is meaningless, yet one is compelled by instinctive urges to achieve dominance through ego achievement or living on through your children’s achievements.  

In faith consciousness, there is a deep sense of well-being, joy, and ease.  One is guided by a voice of wisdom that is heard inside, and reflected in the beauty of nature and human creation.  Everything is beautiful, and sacred.  Life is deeply meaningful.  One’s purpose always aligns with serving the greater good of all life.  

There is no middle ground.

For many on the spiritual path, there is a “bipolar” experience — as one shifts between faith and fear.  Life can feel like a roller coaster.  The fear and struggle can seem even more intolerable because one has also experienced the deep peace and well-being of true faith.

Ultimately, it is a matter of belief.  If your belief in a loving reality is conditional in any way, then your experience of it will be equally conditional.  If your conditions are not met, you will drop back into fear.

Therefore it is asked that you love life unconditionally.  Appreciate life unconditionally.  Believe and know that you are not now, nor have you ever been, a victim, no matter what anyone has to say, no matter what your own story about yourself is.  

If any part of you believes in your victimhood, that part will magnetically draw you back down into fear consciousness.  It will do so until you let it go completely.

There is no middle ground.  Choose one, or choose the other.

And it is okay if you give into fear.  It will feel very unpleasant, but it is okay.  It is like eating unhealthy food or engaging in self-destructive behavior.  You will do it, until one day you do not.  There are no mistakes.  You are not even a victim of your fear, your conditioning, or your self-destructive tendencies.  You are not even a victim of believing that you are a victim.

That is how loving this reality truly is.