At the beginning of 2011, I started “channeling.”  It wasn’t something I sought to do.  It just sort of happened one day, in the midst of a dark, depressive period.  I found myself writing down a voice that was different from my own.  Its messages were always consistent.  No matter what kind of mental or emotional state I happened to be in, the voice was always calm and reassuring.  I found myself looking forward each day to finding out what message would turn up.   And slowly, these messages brought me back to myself.

I called my unseen guides “The Prophets,” not because what I was writing down was prophetic in nature, but because I’m something of a Star Trek geek, and these higher dimensional beings — or whatever they are — remind me of the “Wormhole Aliens” in “Deep Space Nine.”  Trekkers will know what I’m talking about.

The messages I receive may seem familiar to those who follow the work of Abraham, or A Course in Miracles.  I have only passing personal familiarity with those works, but what little I know shows me that I haven’t hit on anything new here.  For me, there’s something reassuring about knowing all of this information is out there, and that these guides will just gently, lovingly repeat their messages over and over to anyone who will hear.

I think of channeling as going to the well for water.  No matter how parched and dry I may be, I always find water in this well.

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