the trouble with drama queens

Today we ask that you know it is not such a big deal.

Whatever you are stressed about, whatever drama you are caught up in today — it is not such a big deal.

Think about all the things you stressed about when you were a child, or an adolescent.  Consider how agitated you felt about things like going to a dance, or impressing a particular boy or girl.

Was it really such a big deal?  Probably not.

It is not such a big deal now, either.

Some people like to make a big deal out of everything.  Often people think of them as “drama queens.”  Of course, most people are drama queens in certain areas of their lives.

A drama queen makes a big drama out of everything.  You are the star of your own melodrama, complete with heroes and villains, and dramatic twists and turns.  Most people are like this, even if their lives appear to be unassuming.

It is really a very unhappy way to live.

So you must decide what you want more:

Do you want drama?

Or do you want peace?

Be honest.  Many people believe they want peace, but really they are addicted to drama.  They imagine life without drama as boring, or somehow unimportant.  They believe they would be less special if they were not the struggling heroes of their personal melodramas.  Without their struggles, who would they be?

If you know people who are like this, don’t try to change them.  They want all this drama.  Telling them to put things into perspective will only feel threatening.  Clearly, you do not understand their tragic pain.  You may even be a villain.

If you are addicted to drama, that is okay.  You have permission to be a drama queen.

But if you are tired of living in a tragedy, you are going to need to drop the drama.

And that means recognizing that things are not such a big deal.

You must understand that 100 years from now, all these things that seem so terribly important will be completely forgotten.

To a drama queen, this is very depressing news.

But really, it the source of true inner peace.

It does not mean that what you do is meaningless, or unimportant.  That is not true.  Small actions can in fact be very powerful.

It just means that your drama is not all that important.  These things you stress about, that you rage about, that you throw tantrums over.  Whatever you are throwing a tantrum over is guaranteed not to be as big a deal as you believe.

This does not mean, suppress your feelings.  It just means don’t believe your fears.  For all drama is rooted in fear.

Whatever you fear, it is not such a big deal.  Even death is not such a big deal.  

If death is not such a big deal, then what is?

This is the key to a joyful, peaceful life.