Today we ask that you stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Most people feel very sorry for themselves.  If you ask them how they are today, they will tell you why they are sorry for themselves, and in turn expect you to feel sorry for them.  If you do not fulfill this need, you may be accused of being uncaring, unfeeling, or cruel.

Actually, it is not helpful at all to feel sorry for other people.  It is good to give other people permission to feel their feelings, including hurt, sad, or aggrieved feelings.  But you do not do anyone any good by feeling sorry for them.

When you feel sorry for yourself, it energetically affirms to the universe that you believe you are a victim.

When you feel sorry for others, it only energetically affirms their victimhood.

When you energetically affirm something, it tends to increase that particular energy in your experience.  So affirming victimhood increases experiences of victimization.

So if you want to stop feeling like a victim, first you must stop feeling sorry for yourself.  It is not the other way around.  It is not about waiting for fortune to smile on you to give you a reason not to feel sorry for yourself.  If you are someone who habitually feels sorry for yourself, you will always find reasons to feel sorry for yourself.

If you want a friend to stop feeling like a victim, don’t feel sorry for that person.

As awful as your life may seem, someone out there in the world might very well covet it.  That person might say: “I’d give anything to have that person’s life and opportunities!”

It is good to feel your feelings.  This does not mean, suppress your feelings.

It just means, don’t have a story about your victimhood.  Don’t make a big drama over your feelings.  Don’t wallow in feeling sorry for yourself.

Nothing really is more of an energetic turn-off than someone who complains all the time, and wallows in self-pity.  That is not a very juicy person.

So if you desire more juice and abundance in your life, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start appreciating what is good in your existence.

If you actually understood how energetically contracting and stifling the frequency of self-pity is, you’d be less likely to engage in it.  

Feel your feelings.  Take appropriate actions.  But do not feel sorry for yourself, or others.  No one benefits from it.