Today we ask that you listen to your own truth, and no one else’s.

Sometimes, when you are feeling uncertain about things, it is good to turn to trusted friends, or even reach out to strangers on the internet.  The human collective consciousness can be a valuable resource.

However, often what happens is that you will hear conflicting things from different people, and instead of giving you more clarity, you wind up more confused.  Once you get lost on the internet, searching for advice and reassurance that you are doing the “right thing,” then you are probably far more muddled in your thinking than you were before you started searching.  Conflicting advice breeds paralysis.  

As it is said in regard to opinions: “everybody’s got one.”

Ultimately, you must be able to discern and feel what is best for you.  To do this, you must detach from the external voices, quiet the mind, and look inward.  You must listen to your heart in all matters.

Sometimes your heart will ask you to directly go against the advice you receive from trusted friends and mentors.  This is never easy.  But the truth is, no one else can live your life for you.  What works well for another person, even a trusted friend, might be terrible for you.

Every being is singular, and unique.  There is no “one size fits all” approach.

If you feel conflicted in any way, that means it is time to get still with yourself.  Meditate.  Go for a walk.  Relax around the matter.  Focus your energy elsewhere, in an area where you do not feel conflict.  This is the surest way to find an answer.

Follow your heart.  And give yourself permission to “do it wrong,” and to “fail.”  There is no such thing as a mistake, or true failure; only a growth experience.  You dwell in a loving universe, not a punishing one.  Punishment exists within the mind, and is enacted by humans as a result of false belief systems — mainly, the belief in a punishing God or universe.  But the real universe is only loving.  In truth, you cannot do it wrong.  If you really understood that, you would be free.

Listen to others, but always with a grain of salt.  In the end, you must follow your own heart.