prosperity in the present moment

Today we ask that you perceive that prosperity arises in the present moment.

What does this mean?

It simply means that what you are doing, or not doing, right now determines whether you are “prosperous” or not.

Prosperity does not necessarily mean monetary wealth.  It is very possible to possess money and not be prosperous.

Prosperity is a quality of thriving.  You are thriving in the physical world.  There is a sense of abundance, of bountiful life.  Your cup runneth over.

It is possible to thrive as a beggar.  But a pinched, miserly person cannot thrive no matter what he possesses, as the mythic tale of Scrooge indicates.  Scrooge is prosperous only when he becomes generous and loving, at the end of the story.

Many people believe that their prosperity will arise in the future.  They plan their whole lives believing that they will someday reap a future reward.

As part of this, such people often believe that a life of misery and toil in the present moment is the price one must pay for this prosperous future.

This is a great lie.

If you are miserable now, that is the only reality that exists for you.  You could die suddenly; many people do.  Or you will discover, as many do, that you are no happier in the future than you are now.

Miserable people stay miserable, no matter what their external circumstances.  People who constantly suffer, complain, and perceive only lack in their lives will keep suffering and complaining and perceiving lack.  Why would this be any different in their “retirement”?

The point is, there is no golden future, where all your toil and misery “pays off.”  Even if you achieve your goals, the misery will remain.  

Your prosperity can only exist in the present moment.  If it does not exist here, it is nowhere.  

You can only thrive right now, in the present moment.

If you wish to thrive, you must thrive on what is yours right now.  You must thrive with the life that is given you.

So ask: how am I rich, right now?

You may protest: “But I’m not rich!”

Still, ask yourself: How am I rich right now?”

Take an inventory of the good things in your life experience.  They may seem small and insignificant.  But consider what you have, that is good.  

This action is the only way to become a truly prosperous person.

If you yearn for prosperity, find it here, now.  It is nowhere else.

Do not live for some future that will never arrive.

Do you think any human in history ever had a life unfold exactly as planned?

This has not happened even once, out of all the billions who have lived.

So to think you can plan and manage and control your future is utterly delusional.  No one can do this.  Anyone who sells this illusion is a liar, a con artist, or delusional himself.  

If you want to be prosperous, start here.  Start now.

Count your blessings.  And keep counting them.

That is the only way to thrive in this world.  There is no other.