Today we ask that you examine the relationship between judging, complaining, and victimhood.

These things are directly connected.

To the degree that you are someone who often sits in judgment over yourself and others, to the degree that you habitually complain, so shall you feel like a victim.

The reason for this is not a mystery.

When you sit in judgment over yourself or someone else, and especially when you complain, doesn’t this affirm your victimhood?

So-and-so has offended you.  You feel like a victim.

The government is bad.  You feel like a victim.

You are not good enough.  You are a victim of your own imperfection.

Life is not good enough.  You are a victim of God.

Do you want to know how to stop feeling like a victim?

It is very simple.  Stop judging.   Stop complaining.

This does not mean, suppress your emotions.  This does not mean, do not take positive action in the world.

It just means that if you are someone who feels like a victim in life, and you do not like that feeling, then the single most effective action you can take is to break habitual judgment of the self and others, and stop complaining.

For some, “Stop complaining” may sound like “Stop breathing.”

And yet it is very possible to stop complaining.  

Why not try it?  Can you imagine going a day, or even a week, without complaining about other people and life?  

Can you see that nothing bad will happen if you do this?  Can you see that judging/complaining is a habit, not a necessity?

Another way to decrease the energy of judgment/victimhood in your life is to increase the energy of appreciation.

Appreciate other people.  Appreciate yourself.  Appreciate the beauty around you.

Someone who is in a state of appreciation does not and cannot feel like a victim — not in that moment.

So if you do not like feeling like a victim, decrease the energy of judgment and complaint, and increase the energy of appreciation.

This simple recipe can completely transform the experience of life.