Today we ask that you connect with a loving personal “god.”

What does this mean?

Prior to the rise of the world’s current major religions, all cultures were polytheistic, worshipping a wide variety of local gods.  There were gods of the home, gods of the forests and fields and lakes and mountains.  Everything in the world was alive with these little “gods.”

There was a certain value to this worldview.  It imbued all things with sacredness and life force.  One honors nature because it is alive with sacredness, and people know better than to dishonor their “gods.”

Of course, people were superstitious about their little gods.  But people are no less superstitious about the big “God” of western religion.  All religions can be rife with superstition.  Superstition is the fear that if you displease or offend a “god,” bad things will happen to you.  Superstition is quite harmful.

And yet there is a value to honoring the sacredness of things, and connecting to gods who feel very familiar, very personal, and very loving.

Maybe for you the personal god is Jesus, or a saint, or Ganesh, or the Buddha, or Luke Skywalker, or Superman.  Maybe it is a deceased relative.  Maybe it is a fictional character.  Maybe it is a deceased person who is not related to you, who you feel a connection to.  Maybe it is the presiding spirit of a natural place that is dear to you.  

It really does not matter who it is, so long as you feel a personal connection, and the feelings around this being are purely loving.  

This is very important.  You must not “fear” this god in any way.  There should be no negative charge whatsoever around this being.  The feeling tone around the personal god must be purely loving, purely positive.

You can even make up a personal god for yourself, like a child with an imaginary friend.  You can create a god who has qualities that for you are purely positive.

Why should you do such a thing?

Because connecting with a loving personal god connects you with the divine, mythic dimension of existence, the sacredness that underlies all things.  It can also create a feeling of empowerment, a feeling of being loved and cared for by the universe, that is very essential for an abundant life.

You certainly do not have to do such a thing.  And if you do, it should be done with a very playful spirit.  Do not take it too seriously.  

It might be fun to try.  To make up a god, or connect with some being from “real life” or “fiction” who is meaningful to you, or with a saint or god of antiquity who feels purely loving to you.  It is a child-like thing to do, and it is good to be child-like, to see the world as vibrant and magical.  

If you feel like you could use a little magic in your life, connecting with a loving personal god is always helpful — so long as it is done with a playful heart, and you do not take it too seriously.