why gossip is like smoking

Today we ask that you cease to indulge in harsh criticism of yourself and others.

You do not understand how destructive harsh criticism is.  You do not understand how destructive words of attack and cruelty are.

If you experience any form of blockage or paralysis in your life, you must cease to indulge in harsh criticism.

Humans get an addictive buzz out of criticizing other people.  Sitting in judgment over others makes you feel superior.

But all criticism of others inevitably turns back inward on the self.  When you are alone, your thoughts will attack and criticize you with terrible cruelty, and it will be even worse after you have criticized others.

This is the true cause of almost all physical and mental disease.  It is also the cause of almost all violence.

If you understand that something is not healthy for you, you know that you will be much better off if you don’t do it.

Many people quit smoking cigarettes, because they understand that smoking is unhealthy.

We will put the matter plainly:

Indulging in harsh criticism is far worse for you than cigarettes.

Whether directed toward the self or others, harsh criticism and judgment is far worse for you than cigarettes.

Harsh criticism is a direct assault on the life force.  It can, and does, cause disease.  It can even kill people.  Suicide is almost always a result of harsh self-criticism.

It is very possible to stop this behavior, but first you must believe and understand that it really is toxic for you.

It is toxic.  It is more toxic than cigarettes.  Far more.  You really cannot comprehend.

Like cigarettes, indulging in harsh criticism is highly addictive.  But it is very possible to stop the addiction.

When you notice your inner voice harshly criticizing you, STOP.  Meditate, go for a walk, do physical exercises, listen to music.  Just do not allow the voice to continue to run on unchecked.  

Do not engage in gossip.  Gossiping may seem like it’s fun and harmless.  It is certainly an activity that “everyone does.”   And it’s highly addictive.

Many decades ago, most people smoked cigarettes.  It was considered fun and harmless, albeit addictive.

Imagine every time you indulge in cruel gossip about someone, you are smoking a full pack of cigarettes.  This will give an accurate sense of the toxicity.

Do not read gossip.  Do not indulge in absorbing gossip about celebrities and famous people.  Really, it is like you are smoking cigarettes every time you do this.  

This cannot be overstated.

If you experience health problems, or areas of major blockage in your life, ending the addiction to harsh criticism and gossip will have a profound positive effect on your well-being.

It really is possible to do this.  It is one of the most self-loving actions you can take.

Please stop being so mean to yourself, in your thoughts and speech.

Please stop being so mean to the people in  your life, in your thoughts and speech.

Please stop being so mean to people you don’t even know, in your thoughts and speech.

Imagine you are smoking a pack of cigarettes every time you engage in cruel criticism directed toward yourself, or other people.   It is accurate.