declare peace

Today we ask that you declare peace.

Humans are at war.

Even where there are no soldiers and bombs, humans are at war.  

You could walk through a quiet suburb, and find countless humans engaging in brutal warfare.

They are at war with their neighbors.

They are at war with the “government.”

They are at war with the Tax Man.

They are at war with the Boss.

They are at war with their family members.

They are war with people who hold different religious or political views.

They are at war with their own bodies.

They are at war with their own minds.

There are countless casualties in these wars.

People who suffer from stress-related illnesses are the casualties of these wars.  Many die from these illnesses.

Most humans dwell in violent societies.  The violence is not necessarily manifested physically, although this is often the case.  But even where people outwardly appear to be physically non-violent, there can be dire emotional and mental violence occurring.

All external warfare is a manifestation of internal warfare.  External warfare cannot exist without internal warfare.

Look at your life.  Are you at war?  Do you have enemies?  Are there people who enrage you, or arouse your hatred and disgust?

Who are you at war with?

Are you at war with yourself?  Almost everyone is.

If you are miserable in your life, it is a sure sign that you are at war.

Declare peace.

Declare peace with your “enemies.”

Declare peace with those who anger and offend you.

Declare peace with corporations, and governments.

Declare peace with your family members, your bosses, your coworkers.  

This does not mean: “Let people walk all over you.”

It just means you do not have to be at war, even with crazy people.  Why would you be at war with someone who is crazy?

It is very possible to oppose a person’s actions without being at war with that person.  Can you see the distinction?

Declare peace, even with crazy, war-addicted people.  They will not understand.  But you will.  

Declare peace with those you believe have transgressed.

Declare peace with yourself.

When you declare peace, something magical will happen:

You will be at peace.

You will experience peace.

And isn’t that what you want, really?

You will never find peace through warfare.

Peace can only be found when you declare it.  Cease your endless war.

Declare peace.