don't be deceived by appearances

Today we ask that you not be deceived by appearances.

The more someone tries to project an image of power and dominance in your world, the weaker they really are.

All the trappings of egoic success — mansions, luxury cars, trophy wives — all these things are like bandages over a raw wound.  No man is more in pain than the man who must display his power in such ways.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with beautiful houses and luxury cars.  It is good to enjoy beauty, and well-designed machines.  It is good to enjoy life.

But the people who need to show you just how powerful they are — these people are not enjoying life.  They are insecure, and live in chronic fear.

Celebrities are often terribly unhappy people.

There is of course nothing wrong with being a talented performer.  Such talent is meant to be enjoyed, and is a gift to the world.  

But such people often feel very frightened, and unloved.  That is why they become addicted to drugs, or to plastic surgery, or other forms of self-destructive behavior.

It is not because they are bad people.  Please have compassion for unhappy, confused people.

But do not be deceived by appearances.  

On the whole, the average poor African villager is more at peace with himself than the rich celebrity.

Again, this is not because the poor villager is morally superior to the rich celebrity.  Money is not bad, or evil.  Money is neither bad nor good.  It is a form of energy in your reality, that is all.  

It all depends on the intent with which it is used.

If someone buys a home in the spirit of joy and love, to create a dwelling that reflects their inner harmony — then that is beautiful.

If someone buys a home to “Keep up with the Joneses,” to show off their status — then they will find little joy in it.  Such a home can become a prison.

So do not be perceived by appearances.

When someone loudly insists that he is a powerful person, when he throws his weight around like a bully and beats his chest — that is a sign of someone who in truth feels quite powerless in his life, who feels like a victim.  He does not sleep well at night, and lives in constant fear.  Do not envy such a person, and do not fear him.  Have compassion.  He really is not in his right mind.

It is those who are humble who possess true power.  There are many people in this world who are masters of creating beauty and light in their own lives and the lives of others.  They do not need to tell everyone about it.  Their philanthropy is not status-seeking; it comes completely from the heart.  That is the person with true power in this world.

Humble people do not have to live like monks or beggars.  It is perfectly natural for humble people to create beauty around themselves. But that is never about showing off their worth to others.  It is only about what is pleasing to them, about their own joy.

Do not be deceived by appearances.

Though people with big egos may appear to be powerful, in truth they have no inner strength.

It is good to be around humble people.  They are the ones with inner strength.