You Are A Superhero.

Today we ask that you know your own power.

Every single one of you is a vastly powerful being.

You are all superheroes.  This may sound ridiculous, but it is true.

Your physical body may not be capable of flight, but humans do have the capacity to leave their bodies and “fly” elsewhere.

Humans are capable of great psychic awareness and precognition; lie detection; telepathy; instant healing; transmutation; telekinesis; and many other abilities.  

All these things are possible, and many humans have shown nascent forms of these abilities.

The miracles associated with Christ are entirely possible.

This may sound fanciful, but it is true.  Humans are far more powerful than they believe.

And therein lies the problem.

Human power lies within the mind, the consciousness.

If you believe you are a powerless person, then you will experience life as a powerless person.

It is as if humans are under a curse.

Like the story of “Sleeping Beauty,” humans have been bewitched, and have fallen asleep.  In this sleep, they believe they are powerless.

What is the mechanism of the curse?

Guilt, and shame.

From an early age, humans are taught to be ashamed of themselves, and to feel guilty.

This causes humans to fear their own power, and fear reality.  Feelings of shame are so painful that humans will do anything to avoid it.  They live in chronic fear of guilt, and shaming.

The only way for humans to protect themselves from this fear is by believing that they are powerless.

If you are a powerless victim, then you are not responsible for anything.  How can any judge hold you accountable, if you are a powerless victim?  You can say: “It wasn’t my fault!  I’m powerless.”

Of course, people who hold these beliefs still feel crippling shame, anyway.  But being powerless is the psyche’s greatest defense against internal and external critics and judges.

People who believe they are powerless victims are easily controlled by tyrants and dictators.   Anyone who lives in chronic fear is easily controlled.

Animals feel fear, but the fear is not associated with shame or guilt.  In animals, fear is temporary.  Only in humans is fear a permanent state — and that is because in humans, fear is linked with shame and guilt.  

This is how mankind has fallen asleep.

Without guilt and shame, you would not fear your own power.  You would not feel the need to chronically defend your actions, and justify your existence.

Pay attention.

The more guilt and shame-based a person is, the more like a powerless victim he will feel.  He will then act out aggressively toward anyone he does believe he has “power” over: like children, or underlings at work.  If he is really crazed by shame, he may even go out and shoot innocent people.

Such a person is asleep.  This person is not in his right mind.  He is sleepwalking, and hallucinating.

What made him fall asleep?  The poison of guilt and shame.

Without the poison of guilt and shame, humans are connected with their vital power and energy.  They do not fear themselves.  They do not believe they are powerless victims.  And they do not mindlessly take out their aggression on people they perceive to be even weaker and more powerless than themselves.  

Guilt and shame is what creates powerless humans, and perpetuates victimhood and an endless cycle of violence.

Humans believe a story that guilt and shame is what keeps people moral, responsible, and virtuous.

This is a great lie.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you look at human history, the most guilt-and-shame oriented peoples of the Earth have always been the most aggressive, and perpetuated the most atrocities.  The Crusades, the Inquisition, witch hunts… countless people have been murdered because guilt-and-shame-based beliefs justified such actions.  Far from creating a moral and just society, guilt and shame creates terrorists, mass murders, and World Wars.  

If you look at history and perceive matters truly, this will become very clear.

Free yourself.  Free yourself.  Free yourself from the tyranny of guilt and shame, from the tyranny of the internal and external voices of guilt and judgment.

Do so, and you will awaken.  You will discover that you are now, and always have been, a powerful being.

You will become a superhero.