take off your mask

Today we ask that you perceive truly.

The world in which you dwell is a very strange and unreal place.

Some things are real.

Nature is real.  The trees are real.  The stars are real.

Animals are real.  Babies are real.  Very young children are real.

However, most adults are not real.  Nor are the things that most adults create real.

Adults are personas.  They are who they think they are.  They believe they are the doctor, the banker, the bartender.  They believe they are Catholic, Muslim, Hindu.  They believe they are American, Chinese, African.  They believe they are 22 years old, 45 years old, 68 years old.  They believe they have a house and children.  They believe they have a particular disease.  They believe they are too fat.  They believe they don’t have enough money.  

They are all people with stories about who they are.

And these stories are unreal.  They are exactly as unreal as the stories about people in movies or on TV.

People are “characters.”  They believe all these things about themselves.  But really they are like avatars in video games.  In video games, people play elves or wizards or gangsters or soldiers.  

It is the same with people.  They play these roles.  It is not who they really are.  It’s just a role they are playing.

There is nothing wrong with playing roles, per se.  But sometimes these roles can be terribly limiting — especially if it’s a role you didn’t choose for yourself, or have outgrown.

It can be like putting on a mask you can’t easily remove.  The mask takes on a life of its own, and resists being taken off.

So people wear the mask of the Christian schoolteacher, or the conservative accountant, or the flamboyant fashion designer, or the bored cubicle worker.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  But you may be wearing the mask of someone you don’t really wish to be — a mask that was chosen for you by your family, your culture.

You are not your mask.  You are not who you think you are.  You are not who other people think you are.

You are, in truth, an immortal and powerful being.

You are like Superman who has no idea he is Superman, and believes he’s Clark Kent.

If you are unhappy with your life, you are not stuck in it.  Many people are able to switch one mask for another.  And that is okay.  It’s better than being stuck with a mask you don’t like.  

But far better still, is to take your mask off.

Removing your mask is a challenging process.   You will experience enormous internal and external resistance.  The mask won’t want to go.  

But the more you free yourself from your mask, the better you will feel.  It’s like taking off a tight rubber coat.  You will feel much lighter and looser.  And you will find out what you really wish to do in this life.  

The people who are very invested in you wearing your current mask won’t want you to change.  They’ll fight you.  They’ll insist they liked you better before.  They’ll say you’ve betrayed them.  They’ll try to put you back in your place.  They may threaten to leave you.

Let them leave, if they must.  Do not wear old masks just to please others.

When you come into your True Self, you will attract new people who will support you.  Do not fear.  You will not be alone.

Under your mask, a real being exists.  It is not your persona.  It is You.

Awaken into your authentic being.  It is possible!