stop worshipping false godsToday we ask that you not live in fear of False Gods.

A False God is anyone or anything that you give your power to, out of fear.

Anyone whose approval you seek, and whose disapproval you fear, is a False God.

Anyone who seeks to instill in you feelings of shame and worthlessness, is a False God.

So much vital energy is wasted in the worship of False Gods.  Whole lives are ruined in the worship of False Gods.

Who are your False Gods?

Who do you live in fear of?

For many people, their parents are False Gods.  Even if they are grown up and no longer have to be around their parents much, they continue to live in fear of them.  That is because people cannot stop craving the approval and fearing the disapproval of parental figures.  Even if they consciously perceive their parents as very flawed and fallible people, they cannot stop this craving for approval, and fear of disapproval.  So Mom and Dad are False Gods, and may remain False Gods even after they have left their physical bodies and are no longer on this plane.

Many people fear their “superiors” at their workplaces.  Their bosses are False Gods.

Many people fear the disapproval and gossip of so-called friends.  Many people fear the disapproval of their spouses or the people they are in relationships with.  Whenever you fear someone, you make that person into a False God.

For countless people, the God of the Bible is the ultimate False God.  That is because they are taught to perceive this “God” as a wrathful deity who sends sinners to Hell, and metes out harsh punishments to anyone who transgresses certain laws and codes.  

People are terrified of this “God.”  In ancient times, they used to sacrifice animals to please this angry deity.  Nowadays they sacrifice themselves on this deity’s altar, living lives of terror and constant self-abuse.  By indoctrinating their children with the belief in this angry, judging deity, they also attempt to sacrifice their own children to this False God.

Throughout history, all dictators and tyrants fashioned themselves as False Gods.  Humans are always looking to worship and fear something outside themselves.

Even if people no longer believe in the False God of the Bible, the fear is so deeply ingrained in people that they have internalized the False God as an angry, wrathful internal critic.  When you cower in fear of the critical voice that speaks in your own mind, you are in Hell, abasing yourself before the False, Abusive God.

Who are your False Gods?  Who do you fear, and give your power to?

That which is truly divine has nothing to do with fear, and cannot even comprehend it.

That which is truly divine is absolutely and unconditionally loving.

The True God is not outside you.  It cannot be worshipped.  You cannot win its “approval.”  The True God is within you.

It asks nothing of you.  It only invites you to remember your true nature, and in so doing completely love and accept yourself, as you are right now in this moment.

The True God does not require worship, or praise.  You do not need to go to church to pay homage to the True God.

The True God just loves you, right now.  It loves you the way a beloved, loyal dog or cat might love you, with total devotion.  It thinks you are completely wonderful, completely beautiful.  It accepts you completely.

When you love yourself, and love and appreciate the miraculous life that is yours — then you honor the True God.

Please stop worshipping False Gods.