do you attack the person in the mirror?

Today we ask you to imagine who you would be, if you did not have self-attacking thoughts.

Who would you be without your self-attacking thoughts?

Self-attacking thoughts sound like:

“I’m too fat.”

“I’m a failure.”

“I can’t do anything right.”

“I should be ashamed of myself.”

“No one will ever love me.”

“There’s something wrong with me.”

“I can’t really function.”

“I’m not normal.”

“I’m ugly.”

“I don’t make enough money to show I’m worth something.”

And so on, and so on.  Perhaps you are familiar with such thoughts.

If you are like most people, thoughts like this play constantly in the back of your brain.  You can’t get through an hour of the day without a barrage of self-attacking thoughts.

It is a painful way to live.  It is like your own mind is at war with you.  People get very mentally and physically ill from chronic self-attacking thoughts.

Also, the more self-attacking you are in your thoughts, the more prone you are to attacking other people.  This includes your own children.  As much as you may love your children, if you are chronically self-attacking, then you will inevitably attack your children.  In so doing, you will teach them to be as self-attacking as you are.

The way to work on lessening your self-attacking thoughts is first by just becoming aware of them.  Listen to them.

Listen to all these mean thoughts playing in your mind.

Where did you learn these thoughts?

They didn’t come out of nowhere.  Someone taught you that you were fat.  Maybe it was a parent.  Maybe it was a kid in school.  Maybe it was a magazine article.  That’s still someone.  You have been taught that you are worthless, and can’t do anything right, and will never be good enough.  

It could have been your parents, your siblings, your teachers, or someone on TV or the internet.  At some point, someone you deem an authority figure said something, and you believed it.

But what if the things people say aren’t true?

Do you really believe that your parents, teachers, and the people on TV and the internet are always right about everything?

Consciously, you probably don’t think so.

But unconsciously, you put total faith in the things authority figures tell you.  If you believe someone is an authority figure and really knows what they’re talking about, you will believe what they say.  You are especially prone to believing things that you read in print, or believing things people say on TV.  

And that is why you have all these self-attacking thoughts.  Because you believe the things people say.  

But what if all these people are wrong?

You can see that your parents, teachers, and people writing things in print or saying things on TV might be wrong.

If they’re wrong, then that would mean your self-attacking thoughts might not be true.

Can you imagine what you’d feel like without self-attacking thoughts?

You’d feel pretty good, right?

So what’s stopping you.  Why are you attached to your self-attacking thoughts?

Do you believe such thoughts keep you “responsible”?  That you would not be an efficient worker without self-attacking thoughts?  That you would be immoral without self-attacking thoughts?

Do you believe that you would be unsafe, without your self-attacking thoughts?

These are all false beliefs.  Someone taught you to believe these things, just like everything else.  They are not true.

Unconditionally loving yourself will not make you irresponsible, unproductive, immoral, or unsafe.

Unconditionally loving yourself will create nothing but greater peace, calm, and fulfillment in your existence.  Out of this you would become a kinder, more compassionate, more creative person, with a strong desire to help others.  You would also understand that your safety cannot depend on external conditions.  You would know that you are safe because you are an immortal being who is loved utterly and completely by the Universe.

This is the Truth.

Everything else is a lie.

What would you rather believe?