follow your inner compass

Today we ask that you trust your inner guidance.

Every human possesses a spiritual body, in addition to a physical, emotional, and mental body.

While most humans have very little awareness of their spiritual body most of the time, it is quite real.

It is your True Self.  It is immortal.  It is always connected to the true nature of reality.  It is never deceived by illusions, or false beliefs.

Some people call it intuition.  However, it is a finer thing than gut instinct, which all animals possess, and is part of your physical and emotional bodies.  When you are in tune with the spiritual body, you feel a deep, unshakeable calm and peace.  You know that all is well.  Some people have “peak experiences” in which they feel this.

When people’s physical bodies die, the spiritual body emerges.  That is why the experience of physical death is — once you are past a certain point in the process — a peaceful, blissful experience.

Meditation is an excellent way of accessing the spiritual body.

It is hard to hear the spiritual body if you are always anxious and fearful.  The spiritual body is always there, but it exists at such a subtle frequency that lower frequencies like anger, fear, or neurotic thought tend to drown it out.  It is like a faint radio playing in the background of your life.  If there is always loud noise going on, you cannot hear it.

Meditation allows you to turn down all the loud noises, so that you may hear this background radio.

The spiritual song that plays on this background radio is the song of your True Self.  If you listen to it, it will ask you to move toward truth and light.

Initially, this may seem very disruptive and frightening, since you may be asked to dismantle or leave behind parts of your existence that are false, inauthentic, and harmful to your soul.  For many, this is a painful process.

Really, it is just the shedding of an old, constrictive skin — the way a snake does — so that you may grow and evolve in accordance with your unique spiritual song.

The more you fight this process, the more painful the experience.

When the universe wills you somewhere, best not to fight it.

If you consciously choose to listen to the spiritual voice, you will go with the flow, not against it.  That does not mean you will be protected from pain and discomfort.  Growth is an uncomfortable process.  However, by going with the flow, you will not exhaust yourself and create needless suffering.

Though you may feel lost in this life, you have an internal compass that always points to your own North Star.  It is the Voice of Your True Self.  Follow it!