life's like a movie

Today we ask that you perceive the mythic dimension of your existence.

You all watch movies and TV shows.  You read books.  You are told stories from the earliest age.  You instinctively understand them.  Stories are the delivery mechanisms for your entire understanding and perception of reality.

What most of you don’t fully grasp is that you, too, are living a story.  You are just like the characters in a movie, or novel.  That really is what you are, in this life.

You are an immortal being, playing a character.  You believe this character is who you are.  But the character is a role you are playing.  You are all actors, who have forgotten you are acting.

The themes of stories are true.  Characters in stories are always asked to follow their hearts, to take great leaps of faith.  They are asked to stand on the side of human goodness and friendship.  Joining the “Dark Side” may lead to short-term gain, but in the long-term always leads to ruin.

What makes you think “real life” is any different?

And yet intelligent people who understand that cruelty, greed, and destructive behavior never leads anywhere good for characters in movies, may not hesitate in real life to be cruel, greedy, or destructive.  

They may believe that movies and stories are nice fairy tales and make-believe, but the “real world” is a dog-eat-dog place where only the aggressive prosper.  

This is very delusional.

Your world does not differ in any way from fiction.  From a higher-dimensional perspective, you dwell in a fictional reality.  

The themes of movies and novels absolutely apply to you.

In real life, it is far better to emulate Harry Potter than Voldemort.

If you tell yourself, “Oh, that’s just a story, in real life the good guys never get ahead,” — this means you are listening to Voldemort.  

You may think your life is ordinary and dull — and yet every one of you is engaged in a primal drama.  

Will you follow the Voices of Light and Love, or will you follow the Voices of Fear and Despair?

You are no different from the heroes in movies.  Choose wisely.  You know where both of these paths lead, in the end.