Still life of gavels

Today we ask that you stop arguing.

Stop arguing.

Many of you are arguing all the time.  You argue with other people.  You argue with people on the internet.  You argue with politicians, or people whose views oppose yours.  You don’t need to know someone in order to argue with him.  

Mainly, you argue with yourself.  With the Voice in your head.

You argue with reality.  You are always saying “This should not exist.”  Something is unjust, something is unfair, something is wrong.

Always you are on a witness stand in the courtroom of your mind, making your case to an imaginary judge.  Some of you think of this imaginary judge as “God,” though there is nothing in the least bit divine about this mental construct.

You defend yourselves.  You attack other people.  Sometimes you are the defense; sometimes you are the prosecution.  It depends on the hour of the day.

The lawyers in your mental courtroom are tireless.  They never sleep.  Always, they are busy prosecuting and defending.  You may even have a hard time sleeping because of these lawyers in your mental courtroom.    

There is an Accuser in your mind.  He makes the case for how worthless you are.  Then the Defense makes its argument.  “Your Honor, the witness is not worthless!  Look at her achievements!  (He brings out the evidence of your worth — maybe you earned some money or got a good grade on a test.)  At the very least, she is superior to other, even more worthless people!” 

On and on it goes.  All these arguments.  So much hot air in the brain, making you crazy.

Most humans are really like insane people.  If you could hear what goes on inside the average human mind at any moment, you would see most people are really very crazy, with all their internal chatter and arguments.

Stop arguing.

Stop arguing.

Give your internal lawyers and judge a vacation.  

Stop attacking.  Stop defending.

Just stop arguing with reality, and other people, and yourself.

Instead of arguing, say: “You could be right.”

It isn’t saying they are right.  Only that they could be right.

You can say this even to the critical voice in your own mind.

What you will discover is the moment you stop arguing and say “You could be right,” the whole courtroom drama stops.  The lawyers have nothing left to do, so they rest their case, and disappear.

If you are arguing with another person and tell them they could be right, they will instantly relax.  At that moment, they may even be able to start listening to you.

When you stop arguing with reality, you may finally be able to listen to the divine wisdom that speaks to you through the flow of reality.

It doesn’t mean “Roll over, and be a doormat.”

The truly strong, steadfast person has no need to waste her energy arguing.  Mountains don’t need to argue.  You won’t see a mountain showing up in court.

Stop arguing, and you will be like a mountain.