you're a child and that's okay

Today we ask that you embrace the things that challenge you.  

It is natural that everyone wishes to avoid challenging situations.  No one likes to struggle, no one likes to suffer.  Sometimes you may go through what feels like a protracted period of struggle.  In such times, you may believe that there is something wrong with you, or that reality is against you.

This is not so.  There is a certain amount of struggle and discomfort around all evolutionary processes.  Children, as they grow, experience a great deal of struggle and discomfort.  Learning new things involves a great deal of trial and error, and constant failure.

There is a destructive belief in your world that adults are different from children.  This is patently untrue: adults are really just like children.  It is the adults who cannot admit this, and pretend that they know everything about everything, who are the most childish and petulant of all.  

There is absolutely no difference between children and adults, from a spiritual perspective.  All adults are in a continual growth process, just like children.  But adults are very confused about this.  Most adults expect that they should just reach a point where they are finished with challenge and lead very stable, comfortable, easy lives.

If you can find a single adult who has reached such a place, this would be a miracle.

This notion is a fallacy.

Challenging situations and periods are indicators that you are in a major growth phase.

If you understood this, you would not feel that something is wrong with you.  What you are experiencing is very “normal.”

You will never reach a point in your life where you have mastered everything, and rest comfortably on your laurels in a state of secure, stable, unchallenged bliss.  That is a childish fantasy — like never having to do homework, or clean your room.  

When people become complacent in their lives, that is usually an indicator that a big shake-up is imminent.

It is not because reality is against you and wants you to be unhappy.  It is because you are children, and it is necessary in this life that you keep growing and learning.  That is part of what you came here to do, by choice.

This process does not have to be miserable.  If you can embrace your child nature, if you can accept how little you know, if you stay open and curious about new things — then life will be much more enjoyable.  If you do not subscribe to the nonsensical belief that adults are supposed to settle down and know everything they need to know and lead stable, predictable lives that don’t ever challenge them — then life will be much more enjoyable.  

Knowing that everyone is really a child will help you deal with other people, as well.  It is no coincidence that most people behave very childishly.  That’s because they are children!  There are very, very few truly mature human beings existing in your world.  

So be like the child you are.  But don’t be the petulant, bossy child who acts very serious and insists he knows everything about everything.  Don’t be the frightened, tentative child who shies away from all new experiences.  Be the open, curious, playful child who doesn’t mind looking foolish, and is always open to new things.  Then you will be in harmony with the flow of life.

Be like a child, because you are one.  If you acknowledge this, life will make much more sense to you.