stop giving your power to fearful thoughts

Today we ask that you know that most of your fears are baseless.

In any given moment, many of you are running fearful thoughts.  They usually have to do with fears of bad things happening to you, or your loved ones.  These fearful thoughts are often accompanying by self-attacking thoughts.  Why aren’t you doing more to protect yourself and your loved ones from all these terrible things that are going to happen?

This is very insane.

Chances are, at this very moment, nothing bad at all is happening to you, or your loved ones.

Probably you are sitting in a chair looking at your computer, or looking at your phone.  Nothing bad is happening.  And yet you are living in these terrible fantasies of bad things happening.  Your body is experiencing all kinds of real stress because of what is happening in your imagination.

Can’t you see that this is really sick behavior?

The part of you that protests that you are just being a responsible person, trying to anticipate and protect yourself and your loved ones from bad events — that is the insanity, talking.

How is it “responsible” to create stress in your body with all these miserable fears?  You are just making yourself sick.

How is it “responsible” to create stress in the lives of your loved ones, all because you wish to “protect” them?  You are just making them nervous and sick.

Parents who are like this only create anxious, terrified children.  It is not responsible to fill your children’s minds with baseless fears, because you wish them to be safe.

It is not responsible to always be taking in information from the TV and internet that fills you with fear.

You may say, how can I make informed decisions unless I take in all this information?  No one makes informed decisions when their bodies are full of stress and panic.  People make poor, impulsive decisions when their bodies are full of stress and panic.  That’s how wars begin. 

If you wish to create a more fulfilled and joyous life for yourself and your loved ones, you must stop indulging in anxious, fearful thinking.

It is not helping you.  It only causes harm.

It is not protecting you from anything.  It only causes harm.

Learn to meditate.  Learn how to create stillness in your mind, so that your fearful thoughts are not always running away with you.

One useful practice is to start writing down your fearful thoughts on paper.  When you see your fearful thoughts written out, it is more clear that most of them are nonsensical.  You will also see that almost all of your fearful projections never come to pass.

Your fearful thinking is not protecting you, or your loved ones.  All it does is breed misery, paralysis, and illness.  It leads to poor decision-making, and aggressive behavior.  It is not protecting you, or your loved ones.  It is causing harm.  

We know that you may be surrounded all sides by people who indulge in fearful thinking, running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Just because everyone else is unhealthy, does not justify your unhealthy behavior.

Just because other people consume a lot of sugary, processed food does not mean you should, too.  Most of you know better.

It is the same with fearful thinking.  Fearful thinking is actually far worse for your health than a bad diet.

It is very possible to stop fearful thinking — or rather, to no longer be at the mercy of your fearful thoughts.

When you learn to meditate, you will begin to experience your fearful thoughts without impulsively reacting to them, or believing them.

Writing down your fearful thoughts on paper will help to break down their validity.  You will see that they are almost always false.

Your fearful thoughts are not protecting you.  They are hurting you.  The time has come to reclaim your power from fearful thinking.  All of you have the ability to master your fearful thoughts.