don't sweat the small stuff

Today we ask that you learn not to be brought down by meaningless things.

Many of you all too easily allow your energy to be drained or lowered by little meaningless things.

Traffic.  Bills.  Things you see on TV or the internet.  Some passing comment a family member or friend said.  A repairman who didn’t show up on time.  A minor physical complaint, like gray hair, or a wrinkle, or a wart.

Little things.  Little meaningless things.  

And yet so many of you are undone by such things.  Whole days are ruined.  You obsess and rage over these things.

In such ways do you drain your vital life energy.  Over nothing.  You then wonder why you’re exhausted, and can’t get anything done.

If you are spending time outraged by traffic, bills, and repairmen, then of course you’re exhausted, and can’t get anything done.  You are frittering away your energy on nothingness.

There is a saying: “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

This is very wise.

It is a sign of great intelligence, to know when little things simply are not worth your energy.

It is also the key to happiness.

If you observe children, you will see that they get agitated over little things.  They throw tantrums because they can’t find their toy, or they don’t want to eat the broccoli on the plate, or they don’t want to go to bed.

Most adults are no different, getting agitated over little things.

Don’t throw tantrums over traffic and bills and repairmen.  It is not a good use of energy.

Sometimes a true crisis occurs.  That is when you need your energy.

The rest of the time, you need your energy to create and grow and make your way in the world.  

So don’t waste it on little things.

You will be happier, healthier, and far more creative.