honor your transitions

Today we ask that you honor your transitions.

Many of you are experiencing transitions at this time.  A transition is leaving one state, and entering a new state.  The transition exists between the old state, and the new.

Transitions are always challenging.  It is like adolescence, that awkward phase between childhood and adulthood.  It is like the chrysalis that the caterpillar enters on the way to becoming a butterfly.  

Transitions often involve a form of breakdown, before the new form can take shape.  Within a chrysalis, the caterpillar must first completely dissolve before the butterfly forms.  Transitions can feel very threatening, and unsafe.  The new state you are moving into may seem very alien and unknown.  

You exist in a transitional period.  Mankind has departed an old state, defined by tribalism, nationalism, wars, greed, intolerance, and exploitation.  You are entering a new state in which these tribal and nationalistic barriers are breaking down.  You are entering a time of greater tolerance and compassion that transcends tribal and national boundaries.  

Many people, especially those strongly rooted in old ideologies, find this new state profoundly threatening.  But there is nothing to be afraid of, truly.

As man is in its collective transition, many of you are experiencing transitional states in your individual lives.  Honor this process.  Honor how far you have come.  Honor the new selves that are taking shape.

Sometimes transitions are accompanied by intense physical and emotional upheaval.  This is normal.  The more you acknowledge that you are in a deep transitional process, the easier it will be for you to ride out these waves — for you will feel less resistance to the process.

Honor your transitions.  Honor and acknowledge the passing of the old, and the arrival of the new.