the story of your life

Today we ask that you know you have a purpose.

Beneath all your daily routines, your trials and tribulations, your conflicts and dramas, your fears and hopes — there is your purpose.

Just as every good story has an underlying theme — your purpose is the underlying theme of your life.

For each of you is a player in your own individual life drama, as well as the collective dramas of your families, cultures, and humanity as a whole.

The story of your life is exquisitely written.  Much of it was set down before you were born.  Some unfolds and evolves as you live out your life.  But the overarching theme — this was set down before you were born.

Every drama you experience, large and small, touches on this theme.

Some people, like the heroes and heroines of romances, must open their hearts to love.  Some, like Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter, must face and integrate their Dark Sides, their Shadow Selves.  Some must let go of judgment and anger, and learn to forgive.  Some must learn, like Hamlet, that no good ever comes from vengeance, no matter how just; others, like Macbeth, must learn that overweening ambition leads to inevitable downfall.  

That is what your purpose is.  It is to fully experience and integrate the particular theme you have chosen to focus on in this lifetime.

If you could step outside your life drama, and perceive it with absolute clarity, it would be easy for you to see this theme.  It runs like a dramatic through-line, connecting all your life events.

You would see repeating patterns, which would indicate the presence of this theme.

At death, you will gain this clarity about your life purpose.

But it is possible to have this clarity now, while you are alive.  This clarity usually brings about a deep sense of peace and acceptance around the life experience — including experiences of suffering, and loss.

Meditative practices, in which you calm the mind and bring stillness into your life, can help give you the space necessary to connect with your purpose, or theme.

It is okay if you do not believe any of this.  But it can be interesting to consider.  If you were a character in a drama, what would the theme be?  What is your life all about?