Panic and Worry - Success Passage: Old Man Worry by Napoleon Hill - The Success Manual

Today we ask that you understand that stress and worry never help anything.

Most of you do not like the experience of stress and worry, and yet you believe it serves a purpose.  You believe that stressing and worrying about things protects you from unwanted events.  By stressing and worrying, you remain vigilant against potential threats, and thus ensure your safety.

This is not true.  This is a lie.

Stressing and worrying doesn’t protect you from anything.  All it does is impair your physical health, and your ability to think clearly.  Stressing and worrying means you are more likely to get into accidents and make foolish and impulsive decisions.  It means you are more prone to aggression, and thus more likely to get into fights and arguments.

In short, stressing and worrying is the cause of most of your problems.  It is not your defense against them.

Reality is fundamentally good.  It is not hostile.

The more you relax, and trust reality, the more easily good energy can flow to you.

It is like when the body gets sick, or sustains an injury.

The body wants to heal.  If you relax, it will heal more rapidly.  If you stress and worry, this delays healing.  It may even lead to the chronic pain of an injury that won’t fully heal.

This is universally true.  Stress and worry delays healing — both on an individual level, and a collective level.

Stress and worry do not make you safe.  In fact, they place you in greater danger.  

This may seem counterintuitive, but it is absolutely true.

The more you relax, and trust reality, the safer you are.

If you humans could relax and trust reality, your whole world would heal much more rapidly.