can you love your body?

Today we ask that you love your naked body.

This is an extremely difficult thing, for most people.  That includes individuals who outwardly appear to be close to an idealized physical form.

Even young, thin, physically fit people have difficulty looking in a mirror, and loving what they see.

Aside from all the historical and religious baggage associated with the naked human form being shameful, the human brain is hardwired to focus on the negative.  This is a defensive measure; as a caveman, it was useful to be hypervigilant, and focus attention on potential threats and problems.  Unfortunately, this tendency of the human brain to focus on threats and problems can have terrible consequences.

For many, perceived flaws or problems in the appearance of the physical body can feel so threatening, that it seems like a life-or-death situation.  That is why many people engage in compulsive plastic surgery, or anorexia and bulimia, as a misguided, pathological attempt to “fix the problem” — often with monstrous results.  

Even if you aren’t pathological, you may suffer from your own mild version of body dysmorphia.  Most people do — particularly women, who are trained to believe that their value is defined by the beauty and perfection of their physical body.  

That is why one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is to make an effort to love your body, exactly as it is, right now.

Love your body.  Love your naked body.

Love it no matter how much it weighs, how it is shaped, how old it is, or what scars it may have.  

Do not perceive your naked body as shameful or “wrong” in any way.

Love your physical body the same way you would love an infant’s naked body, or a beloved pet’s.  

Just love and fully accept your physical body, as it is, in this moment.

This is a very powerful practice.  If you make an effort to love and accept your naked body, exactly as it is in this moment — then you will discover a profound peace and serenity that will spread to every other part of your life.  Truly, this is so.  It is deep magic.