too much time in front of the computer

Today we ask that you be conscious around exposure to electronic devices.

This is especially true if you suffer from any kind of physical or mental complaint.

Constant exposure to the electromagnetic field around computers, “smartphones,” and tablets can be damaging to the human energy field.

Obviously, in today’s world it is necessary for most people to use these devices, and they are quite miraculous and wonderful.

But the human brain and body have not yet evolved to fully interface with these devices.

Many people who suffer from fatigue, anxiety, or depression would benefit immensely from a “fast” away from all electronic devices, including television.

Since this is not practical for most people, these are some options:

One of the most useful practices when working with electronic devices is to periodically “ground yourself.”  The fastest way to do this is by going outdoors and placing your feet on earth.  Socks can be worn, but do not wear shoes when you do this.  This will immediately rebalance your body’s energy field, and restore energy.

It is very good to take walks out in nature, under the sky.  It is good to engage in practices like yoga and meditation.  It is good to spend time in physical contact with animals, and small children.

If you suffer from fatigue, anxiety, or depression, you should not sleep with an active smartphone in your vicinity.  Anyone dealing with insomnia should eliminate active electronic devices from the room.

You can also engage in the practice of setting a timer when you work in front of a computer.  Ideally, it is best not to spend more than twenty or at most thirty minutes at a stretch in front of a computer screen.  At regular intervals, get up, stretch your body, and drink water.  This will not only make your body much healthier, but you will also be a much more productive and effective worker if you do this.

For those who suffer energy fatigue, it would be useful to relearn the old practice of working on paper.  Write first drafts on paper, then do more refined or editorial work on the computer.  This may sound crazy or impossible, but you would discover a much stronger creative and energetic flow if you engaged in this practice.  You’d also feel much less exhausted at the end of a day’s work.  

People who suffer from fatigue, anxiety, or depression should opt to read books on paper, rather than electronic devices.

Pregnant women should exercise caution around electronic devices.  

If you are in good health, the interaction of electromagnetic fields with your brain and body may not be an issue for you.

However, if you suffer from physical or mental illness, fatigue, anxiety, depression, headaches, or insomnia — please start paying attention to your usage of electronic devices.

Cutting down on exposure to electronic devices may radically help many individuals dealing with chronic physical or mental complaints.