restore sacredness to your life

Today we ask that you restore sacredness to your life.

The modern landscape that you dwell in is one in which sacredness has been lost.

This is true on every level.  Architecture, food, clothing, furniture, entertainment, education, medicine, science.  Children are not raised with sacredness.  The elderly are not cared for with sacredness.  The modern world of malls, fast food, and reality TV is one that is largely devoid of sacredness.

Sacredness is not the same as “religion,” though some religious practices do strongly encourage the sacred dimension.  However, many forms of religion can be as empty of sacred nourishment as fast food.

The great movement of your time is the restoration of the sacred dimension to worldly existence.

Sacredness is simply the reverence for life.  It is an understanding that life, in all forms, is intrinsically valuable, and should not be mindlessly wasted or exploited.  To live with sacredness is to live with a sense of meaning.  

So, the growing and preparation of food is sacred.  Art and architecture are sacred.  Making clothing and furniture is sacred.  Raising children and caring for the elderly is sacred.  Medicine is sacred.  Science is sacred.  Education is sacred.  Even entertainment is sacred.  In fact, all human work and activity is sacred.  

Sacredness does not mean humorlessness, by the way.  Laughter is sacred.  All comedians are engaged in sacred work.

Sacredness means replacing “profit” with “meaning” as the primary motivation for activity.

This movement is already happening everywhere, and it will transform your reality.

Being a part of this movement means working with realms that currently seem very devoid of light.

Sacredness cannot be limited to isolated pockets of humanity.  It must finds its way to your malls, your hospitals, your elderly care facilities, your schools, your offices, your laboratories, your supermarkets and restaurants, your televisions and movie screens and computers.  And sacredness can only get to these places if conscious humans bring it there.

This is challenging work.  But if you choose to engage in it, you will find it deeply meaningful.  And you will be supported by the universe.

The time has come to restore sacredness to the world.  This has nothing to do with religion.  Sacredness simply meaning having a reverence for life, and a desire not to exploit, abuse, or waste life.

Everyone open to these words is really already part of this movement.