what are you doing, and why?

Today we ask that you be clear with yourself about why you do what you do.

Behind every action, there is a desire.

You eat because your body desires nourishment.

There is a difference, however, between eating a piece of fresh fruit, and a packaged cookie.  There are different desires at play.

There doesn’t have to be a judgment around this.

It is okay to eat the packaged cookie, and not the fruit.  Just be clear with yourself why you are doing it.

This is another way of saying, do not be mindless in your actions.

Be conscious about why you do things.

Do you work for money, or do you work to create light in the world?  

It is okay if you work mainly for money.  Just be clear with yourself that this is, in fact, your motivation.  Know why you do what you do.

Every text you send, every email you write, every Facebook update or Tweet — all of these actions have an energy.  Do not be mindless in these communications.  Understand what you are saying, and why.

Understand what you are doing, and why.

Do not judge yourself.  Just observe what you do, and why.

This will help you become clear in your actions.  It will help you to be less compulsive.  As a result, you will experience less drama and conflict in your life.

It may seem a little tedious, but really it is good to always ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” before you do something.

Many people call this “setting an intention.”  It is a wise and useful practice.