do you watch organic?

Today we ask that you pay attention to how things make you feel.

When you watch TV, when you read and watch things on the internet — how does it make you feel?

Is it energizing, or draining?

Do you feel light-hearted, or heavy-hearted?

How does your body feel?

It is good to pay attention.  To be aware of what happens in your body, when you expose it to energy.

Everything carries an energetic charge.

Some things have a light, or high-vibrational frequency.  Other things are dense, and low-vibrational.

There is no judgment about this.

However, too much exposure to dense energy can trigger physical and mental illness.

If you are prone to illness, or feel debilitated, it is essential to pay close attention to vibrational frequency.

If you have a strong psychic immune system, it is not such an issue to expose yourself to dense energy.

But if your immune system is weak, it is wise to be careful.

That is just common sense.

Activities like meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and energy work — all these modalities help to build up the psychic immune system.  

Please know that consuming dense energy from a TV or computer screen is just as unhealthy as eating unhealthy food.

But many of you who are very careful to “eat organic” are not nearly as conscious about what you take in through your eyes and ears — particularly when it comes to TV or the internet.

So just start paying attention to how things make you feel.

And if you are feeling sick, or rundown — be extra careful about what you choose to take in.

That is just common sense.