honor ordinary people

Today we ask that you honor “ordinary people.”

Your reality tends to focus on “special people.”  The rich and famous, celebrities, politicians, billionaires, rock stars.  Everybody wants to be on television.  Everyone wants to be the star of a “reality show,” or “dance with the stars.”

Unfortunately, this emphasis on the special makes it seem like so-called ordinary people leading ordinary lives have less value than the rich and famous.  That such lives are dull, trivial, and meaningless.

This is a lie.

Everyone is “ordinary.”  And everyone is “special.”

Celebrities are no more special than ordinary people.  Really, they are ordinary people thrown into a very challenging situation, in terms of staying healthy and grounded.  That is why so many celebrities have serious problems in their lives.

Honor “ordinary people.”

Honor the teachers and nurses, accountants and mothers, firemen and plumbers, cooks and gardeners, and all the myriad people that keep this reality going and flowing.

Their lives and stories are just as valuable as any celebrity’s, or billionaire’s.

Their contributions are just as significant.

Honor yourself.  Honor what you do.

Honor yourself no matter what your “station,” or how much you possess, or lack.

It is great wisdom to honor “ordinary people.”  If you honor everyone you interact with, even the maids and checkout clerks and telemarketers… you will find that more people honor you.