Today we ask that you know good energy is never lost.

Good energy is never lost.

Actions undertaken from a place of love are never lost, even if they appear to be.

No loving thought or action is ever wasted.

The more good energy you put into the world, the more good energy you will receive.

It may not come back to you directly.  It may not come back to you right away.  It may not come back to you in a form you recognize, or consciously desire.

But the good energy will come back to you.

It is common when people are feeling low, or defeated, that they listen to a negative voice that says all their good energy and effort is a waste.  It serves no purpose.  No one cares.  There is no point.

Do not believe that voice.  It is false.

All the good, loving energy you put into this reality is recognized, and received.  It will come back to you.

But it is useful not to have specific expectations or demands.  If you do good things with an expectation of ego gratification, this usually backfires.  It means your motives are mixed.

Be pure-hearted when you undertake good action.  

If you do it for ego gratification, that part of it can often backfire.

That is usually why it may appear that good, loving energy is somehow a “waste.”  It is the ego voice that says it is a waste, because it does not appear to gratify the ego’s need to feel special and safe.

Loving action is not about making you feel special or safe.

Loving action is about creating goodness and light in the world.

Once you separate the need to feel special and safe from your loving actions, it will be much easier for you to perceive that all of your good energy returns to you, and is never lost.