Today we ask that you trust your intuition.

Many of you are in the habit of consulting psychics, and astrologers.  There is nothing wrong with this.  Often such people can offer very helpful insight — at times more helpful than many therapists.

It is not good to hand over too much power to such people.  But in the best case scenarios, what you will feel when visiting an “intuitive” is that this person is giving voice to things that deep down, you already know.

That is because you really do already know these things.

Everyone possesses intuitive capacity.  Historically women more than men are associated with intuition, but men are no less intuitive than women.  It is just that historically mothers often tended to cultivate intuition in terms of caring for their children.  Nowadays, a great many busy, distracted women are just as out of touch with their intuitive instincts as men.  

All that is needed to tap into intuition is space, and stillness.

If you give yourself space, and stillness, you will “hear” your intuition.  It is just as accurate as any psychic’s.

A meditative practice is an excellent way of cultivating space and stillness, so that you can hear and sense your intuitive voice.  

Tapping into intuition does not mean that suddenly you are in control of reality and life becomes a fantasy of riches and fame.  It does not mean that you will stop having unpleasant or uncomfortable experiences because your intuition is supposed to help you avoid all pain and suffering.

Intuitive awareness just means living more harmoniously with reality as it is, not as you wish it to be.  It means having accurate perception about people and situations as they are, not as you wish them to be or need them to be.

Any intuitive worth his salt is someone who helps people drop false projections and perceptions, so that they may see reality more clearly, and get in touch with what they deep down already know.