stop struggling

Today we ask that you stop struggling.

Most of you believe that it is necessary to “struggle to survive” in a cruel and hostile world.

But this not true.

There is a big difference between “struggling” and “making an effort.”

“Struggling” is what happens when you fight the flow of reality.  It is like swimming against a very strong current.  You exhaust yourself, and don’t get anywhere. 

“Making an effort” means swimming with the current.  It does not mean, be passive.  If you are swimming in a river, you must actively swim to stay afloat.  But the feeling is different.  You are making an effort, and it feels like you are going somewhere.  You expend energy, but you are also energized.

“Struggling” is what happens, for example, when you are romantically obsessed with someone who does not feel the same way about you.  No matter what you do, you cannot change the other person’s feelings.  The harder you try, the more unpleasant the situation will become.

“Struggling” happens when you argue with reality.  Always, there is a should involved with struggle.

“This person should love me.”

“I should be rich and successful.”

“I should have a different body.”

“I should have different parents.”

These are all struggle statements.  They demand what is impossible.

You can “should” until you’re blue in the face, but it will not change reality.  And you are wasting all your energy with these fantasies of the life you “should” have.  Meanwhile, real life is passing you by.  

When you are stuck in “should,” you are swimming upstream.  You are struggling. 

“Making an effort” doesn’t dwell in the land of should.  It dwells in the land of is.

“Making an effort” means you are in agreement with reality.

For example, if you wish to learn a new language, you must make an effort.

If you wish to build a meditative practice, you must make an effort.

If you wish to eat in a healthier way, you must make an effort.

There is no struggle with any of this.

Struggle happens when you think: “I shouldn’t have to do these things.”

“I shouldn’t have to sit in meditation to cultivate a calmer mind.”

“I shouldn’t need to do all this repetitive learning in order to speak a new language.”

“I shouldn’t have to eat vegetables to stay healthy, when I’d rather eat cake.”

Can you perceive the distinction?

It is entirely unnecessary to struggle in life.  Struggle is a mental issue.  It exists in the mind, not in reality.

It is necessary to make an effort if you wish to create new things or positively change things in reality.

“Making an effort” is not the same as “struggling.”

Learning to perceive the difference could spare you a great deal of wasted energy, and misery.

“Struggle” is an argument with reality.

“Making an effort” is an agreement with reality.

“Struggle” is a rejection of reality.

“Making an effort” is an acceptance of reality.

Can you see the difference?