stop listening to the voice of negativity

Today we ask that you not listen to negative voices.

The world is full of negative voices.  Turn on the news, look at the internet, talk to a coworker.  You will be bombarded by messages of gloom, doom, and victimhood.  

Most of you carry around an internal negative voice.  It is always attacking you, and condemning life.  It is always telling you how worthless you are, and how hopeless life is.  

Most of the time, this voice is completely wrong.

If you actually kept track of how wrong that voice is, you would be quite shocked.

This voice discourages you from doing what you believe in.

This voice says it is impossible to ever feel good about anything.

This voice is wrong.

The voice of negativity serves a purpose.  Usually, it is trying to protect you from painful experiences.

Unfortunately, by trying to protect you from painful experiences, this voice is cutting you off from the experience of life itself.

For if you follow this voice to its logical conclusion, you would give up on life.  Indeed, every suicide is caused by listening to the voice of negativity, and following it to its logical — but totally wrong — conclusion.

This voice is wrong.

It is wrong because it is mistaken about the nature of reality.

The voice of negativity believes that reality is hostile.  It posits that you are a helpless victim, whose welfare is always at the mercy of a hostile reality.  

This is not true.  Reality is loving, and benevolent, even when it appears to be frightening.  You are a powerful being, and you have chosen existence in this reality.  

If you tracked how often the voice of negativity is wrong, you would stop listening to it.  You would not be so gullible as to keep falling for its lies all the time.

Do not listen to that voice, even if it claims that it means well, and is only trying to protect you.  It is not telling you the truth.