make friends with your mind

Today we ask you to calm your mind.

95% of all the problems you face could be solved if you would just calm your mind.

That is because most of the problems you deal with exist only in your mind.

While it is possible that some of you are currently engaged in a true crisis, most of you are probably not facing a life-or-death situation right now.

And yet the stress levels in your body may be very high.

What is triggering all this stress for you?

Your thoughts.

You are worrying about your future.

You are brooding about your past.

You are ruminating about how someone has hurt or offended you.

You are worrying about what someone whose approval you seek thinks of you.

You are worrying about what will become of your children.

You are worrying about sickness, or old age.

You are brooding about something awful that happened to you, maybe years ago, that you can’t get over.

You are worrying about all the terrible things happening in the world.

In reality, what is happening?

Probably, you are sitting in front of a computer.  Maybe you are driving a car.  Maybe you are watching TV.

Nothing bad is happening to you.

And yet the stress levels in your body are very high.

What is triggering those high stress levels?

Your thoughts.  Only your thoughts.

That is why it is so important to meditate.

When you meditate, you quiet down your thoughts.

This allows your body to relax.

Meditation actually helps you think more clearly.  Instead of worrying about the future and brooding about the past, meditation helps you to focus on what is right in front of you.  It helps you deal with the tasks immediately at hand.

If you were really capable of focusing your energy on what you want to do, instead of letting your scattered, anxious mind run off in a million directions, there is no limit what you are capable of.

This is true of individuals, and humanity as a whole.

If it were not for disorganized thinking, humans would have reached the stars by now.

Calm your mind.  Your mind can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

For most people, it is their worst enemy.

Make friends with your mind.  Meditate.