shift from %22wanting%22 to %22having%22

Today we ask that you shift your consciousness from a space of “wanting” to “having.”

What does this mean?

Most people are in a chronic state of “wanting.”  They feel a chronic and aching sense of lack in their lives.

They want more money.  They want more health.  They want more success.  They want better or different relationships.  They want to weigh less.  They want to be more attractive.

They want what they do not have.

Whatever they have, it is not good enough.

And so of course they are very miserable, and always feel like victims.

They believe they would be okay if they had more than they do.

But really this isn’t true.  Even if they had more, they would not be satisfied.

If this state sounds familiar, you would greatly benefit by mentally shifting out of this state of “wanting,” to “having.”

The state of “having” is a state of feeling full and appreciative of all that is already yours.

So: you appreciate the money you already have.  You appreciate the health you already have.  You appreciate the success you already have.  You appreciate the relationships you already have.  You appreciate your body, as it is right now.

It is not easy to do this.  It requires entering a calm, relaxed, non-reactive state, as you reflect on the good things you already have.  Meditation is a good way of entering that state.

Here is the trick:

Being in the state of already “having” will actually trigger energetic flow into your life.

Those who already have, discover that they have more.

Being in the state of “wanting” conversely triggers energetic blockage.

Those who want, always want more.

It is counterintuitive, but absolutely true.

Shifting from a state of “wanting” to “having” is one of the most powerful steps you can take, and nothing needs to change in your external reality to do this.  You can do this right now.

Even if you don’t believe in it, it is fun to try.