why life is not a game

Today we ask that you understand that life does not operate on a “point system.”

Many of you were taught in childhood that life is a game, somewhat like “Monopoly.”  You begin playing this game as children, by earning good grades in school.  Your worth as you get older is determined by how many “points” you rack up.

Money is the most obvious measurement of value in this system.  The more money you have, the more you are “worth” in the game.

But there are other ways to rack up “points,” depending on what you believe in.

Religious people rack up points by being very religious and morally pure, according to their specific belief systems.  They rack up points by going to church, being virtuous, and making open demonstrations of piety.  Some religions promulgate martyrdom as a means of winning points.

Many women believe that you rack up points by having children and attempting to be perfect mothers.  This gives you “Mother Points,” and makes you worth more than women who do not have children.

There are points for status, achievement, public recognition, and fame.

There are points for prizes.

There are points for athletic accomplishments.

There are points for being very pure in your diet and health practices.

There are points for supporting causes.

Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with making money, having children, being religious, being famous, being athletic, supporting causes, or anything like that.

The misconception lies in believing that these activities give you worth.

The misconception lies in believing that, for example, a rich, successful white man is intrinsically worth more, i.e. has more “life points,” or value, than a poor black female drug addict.

It is absolutely essential that you understand and believe what is being said here, if you wish to know true and lasting peace and joy in this life.

Nothing outside of you can give you worth or value.

You cannot rack up points in the game of life by making money, winning status, fame, or prizes, being a perfect mother, or anything like that.

Nor can you rack up “demerits” by failing to make money, failing to win status, failing to be a perfect mother, failing to be virtuous and morally pure, and so forth.  

Believing that such a system exists is the cause of terrible, and totally unnecessary, suffering in your reality.

No one human has any more value or worth than any other human.  

Do what you do in life out of love and true desire.  Not because you believe it makes you “worth something,” or racks up points in some crazy game of life Monopoly.

Those who believe in this game all learn the utter falseness of it when they are on their deathbeds.

If life is a game, then please play it in a spirit of fun, and joy.  Not to prove your worth and dominance over others.

To play life that way makes you a poor sport.