change your beliefs, change reality

Today we ask that you know you can change your life experience by changing your beliefs.

If you are currently unhappy with your life situation, you can change things.  Not by changing your external reality, but by changing your beliefs.

Consider the crazy person, who wanders about ranting and raving at imaginary voices in his head.  This person is very upset and agitated.  This person is not having a good life experience.

Changing this person’s external reality would not really change matters.  You could give the crazy person a nice house or a good job, and the crazy person would still be tormented by the voices in his head.  Because of this, he would probably lose the house and job.

However, if the crazy person adopted the following belief, everything would change:

“I cannot believe or listen to the voices in my head.”

If the crazy person truly believed this, the imaginary voices in his head would no longer hold any power over him.  He might still hear the voices, but he would not react to them or believe them.  As a result, he would no longer be crazy, and his life would stabilize.  

In many ways, this is exactly the predicament most of you are in.

Most of you are a little bit crazy.

You may not walk the streets ranting and raving, but you have imaginary voices in your head, and you believe them.

You believe them when they tell you that you are worthless, and that life is hopeless.

You believe them when they tell you that you need to fear the world, and be on your guard all the time.

You believe them when they speak of enemies conspiring against you, the people and corporations and governments that are out to get you.

To the extent you believe such voices, you are crazy.

It’s not your fault.  Many of you were brought up by crazy people, and you internalized their voices as your own.  You may watch crazy people on TV or read their words on the internet, and internalize their voices as your own.

Nonetheless, if you go around believing crazy things, then it doesn’t matter if life gives you a good home, job, or family.  You’ll sabotage everything.

Until you make the decision to stop believing the crazy voices in your head.

Then you will stop being crazy.

When you decide to stop listening to the crazy, destructive, fear-driven voices and beliefs, you can at the same time choose to implant positive, healing voices and beliefs.  

You can tell yourself that you are good, and life is good.

You can tell yourself that you are worthy and deserving of good things.

You can tell yourself that you live in a loving universe.

These messages are not crazy.  They are sane.  They are true.

It may be that most people are at least a little bit crazy.

But you can be different.  You can be sane.  It starts when you decide to stop believing the crazy voices.