see yourself as your friends see you

Today we ask that you see yourself as others see you.

Many of you have a self-image that would not be recognizable to most of your friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

By and large, the people you interact with have a much better image of you than you do.  There may of course be exceptions.  But on the whole it is probably true that others have a better image of you than you do.

This is because it is very rare to find someone who truly is as cruel and dismissive about you as you are.

There may be exceptions, it is true.  You may know people who dislike you and think badly of you.  Even so — you probably treat yourself just as badly in your own mind, if not worse.

Most people are their own worst enemies.

So today reflect on those people you know who are likely to have a positive image of you.  It does not have to be a person you know well.  It does not have to be someone from your present life.  It can be someone who has passed from this physical existence, who knew you in the past.

Use your imagination, and see yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you, who appreciates you, who thinks well of you.

If you really sit with this, it can be quite surprising to see how much better you may look in someone else’s eyes than your own.

Acknowledge why this is so.  Why do other people, in the present or past, care about you?  Why might they think better of you than you do?

You may feel a lot of resistance to this.

But if you can own that you really deserve to be thought of with kindness by someone else, it is a great step toward healing.