mastering mr. hyde

Today we ask that you learn not to trust your fear responses.

This is not easy.  But ultimately, all human evolution requires a deep mastery over instinctive fears.

Many of you, no matter how intelligent, educated, or spiritual you may be, can fall to pieces when your instinctive fears are triggered.

In fact, when fear is triggered, many people become totally unlike their normal, rational selves.

People are often like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  Like vampires and werewolves, all humans carry around a lower, more animalistic self — a self that is triggered by fear and trauma.

You all carry around your own versions of “Mr. Hyde.”

Maybe you turn into Mr. Hyde when you are stuck in a traffic jam.

Maybe you turn into Mr. Hyde when you are trying to speak to a service representative on the phone.

Maybe you turn into Mr. Hyde when dealing with someone whose politics are opposed to yours.

Maybe you turn into Mr. Hyde when you open a credit card bill.

There is a feeling of losing control.  You cannot think clearly.  You may do or say things you regret later.

All humans are asked to face this part of themselves.  The goal is not to suppress Mr. Hyde, but to be able to consciously and effectively calm yourself down without losing control to one’s animalistic fears.

Learning to do this is the work of a lifetime.  But being able to sit with trigger situations without getting reactive will allow you to experience life in a much richer and more rewarding way.

That is why we so often recommend practices like meditation and yoga — techniques which instill a sense of peace and calm to the mental, emotional, and physical bodies.  This helps to soothe your savage beast.

It is useful to pay attention to those moments when your “Mr. Hyde” comes out, when you experience anxiety, panic, anger, and impulsivity.  These are the moments when it is crucial to breathe, relax, and recenter.

If you learn to do this, you will experience much more joy in life.  And you will naturally be more productive, since you are not losing so much energy to fear.  Being Mr. Hyde takes up a lot of energy.