ground yourselves

Today we ask that you ground yourselves.

You are all beings who dwell on the Earth.  You are deeply influenced by the rhythms of nature — the seasons, the phases of the moon, the tides, the movements of the Earth’s core, the solar rhythms, the movements of the planets and stars.

Yet many humans live very cut off from nature.  The days are unchanging, spent in the artificial glow of the computer screen, the TV screen, the phone screen.  You stay indoors all the time.  You work out in gyms with the TV blaring.  There is no peace, no quiet, no silence.

The human body is not accustomed to living in such a way, and it wreaks havoc on your nervous system. This causes anxiety, depression, and illness — much of which could be eased if humans relearned how to ground themselves.  

As much as possible, it is good to spend time outdoors, in nature.

It is good to be with animals and small children.

It is good to have quiet time away from the phone, computer, and TV.

It is good to go outside at night and see what the moon is up to.

It is good to sometimes watch the sun rise, or set.

It is good to stand with your bare feet on the earth.

It is good to sit with your loved ones in a dark room lit only by candlelight or a fireplace, when you are in the dark of winter.

All these activities help to ground you, and restore your connection to the rhythms of nature.

For many of you who deal with anxiety and stress in your body, this alone can bring you substantial relief.

Ideally, all of you should spend at least a few days each year in a natural retreat, “off the grid.”  This would be at least as beneficial as any form of “detox,” if not more so.

Ground yourselves.  Honor your human body, and its need to connect with the deep, primal rhythms of nature.