tired? why not try resting?

Today we ask that you slow down and take a breath.

In general, people these days are not very good at just letting themselves slow down and take a breath.

Always, there are twenty things you ought to be doing.  Always there is the phone, and Facebook, and texting, and email, and TV, and errands, and work, and self-improvement.  There is so much to do, more than you can ever possibly do in a day.  So people are always running around, breathless.  

This is not good for the human nervous system, which requires periods of deep rest and relaxation in order to function.

Instead of reaching for the coffee when you feel tired, can you just let yourself rest?

You do have the time.

Many of you spend time each day watching TV, or aimlessly browsing the internet.  This is not restful.  You are stimulating your nervous system, when you do this.

If you are someone who always feels stressed and tired, here is something you can try.

Instead of watching TV or looking at the computer at night, take a bath and go to bed early.

Instead of watching TV or looking at the computer at night, listen to soothing music, and do some gentle relaxing exercises.

Your TV shows and Facebook friends aren’t going anywhere, if you leave them be for a night.

Slow down for once.  Take a breath.

If you are tired, that doesn’t mean it’s time for coffee.

It means it’s time to rest.