all life has worth

Today we ask that you understand that you cannot be slaves to other people’s opinions.

You will never be truly free until you stop worrying what people think.

This does not mean, be an insensitive, unpleasant person.

It just means that any parent, teacher, authority figure, family member, partner or friend who tells you that you are worthless or should be ashamed is wrong.

Do you understand?

Anyone who ever tells you that you are worthless and should be ashamed is wrong.

Wrong, meaning delusional and crazy.

It is literally impossible for any living being to be “worthless.”

What does that mean, “worthless”?

Nothing is worthless.

A pile of dung is not worthless.  It contains energy and nutrients.  It is fertilizer.

The tiniest of creatures is an absolute miracle.  Single-celled organisms are fantastic, amazing, and perfect.

Can you see that a single-celled organism has “worth”?

Can you see that a water molecule has “worth”?

Can you see that everything has “worth”?

So how can you be an exception?  How could you, alone of all beings, be worthless?

Therefore if anyone ever implies that you are worthless, that person is clearly delusional, and cannot be listened to.  

This is true if it is your own voice in your head saying so.  If you believe that you are worthless, take it as a sign that you are delusional.  You cannot believe your thoughts.

So do not be concerned with “what people think.”

Do not cause harm to others.  But do not be concerned with their opinions.

Any human who ever created something new and amazing was inevitably called worthless by others.

In fact, if you are someone who is creating new, amazing, and beautiful things, you can always count on someone calling you worthless.  Take it as a sign that you are going in the right direction.  But never listen to that voice.