why you are here

Today we ask that you meditate on radical self-love.

Radical self-love is the total, unconditional love of the self.  It is the perception of the self as guiltless, sinless, and perfect.

This is the only true perception there is.

You are, in truth, guiltless, sinless, and perfect.  

Everyone else is equally guiltless, sinless, and perfect — no matter what they have done.

You may feel a lot of resistance to this concept.  That is why self-love is quite radical, in your world.

When people ask: “Why do so many bad things happen in this world?”

The truest of answers is this: “So that you will remember radical self-love.”

That is really why you are here.

You are also here to create, and build, and dream, and play, like the cosmic children you are.

But the most important thing you are here to do is remember radical self-love.

Remember, because prior to your physical incarnation, radical self-love was your natural state.  

Forgetting this is a part of physical incarnation in this world.

That is because there is a difference between radical self-love as a natural state, and the radical self-love that returns after you have forgotten it.

This difference can be described as a kind of distillation process.  The radical self-love that grows in the state of forgetfulness is even richer and deeper than the original, natural state.  

And that is the real reason you all come here.  This distillation process is “worth the price of admission” to the game of life.

So, the answer to the question: “Why do bad things happen?” is:

“So that you will return to radical self-love.”

Every illness is here to help you remember radical self-love.

Every shattered dream is here to help you remember radical self-love.

Every disaster is here to help you remember radical self-love.

All drama occurs in the absence of radical self-love.

And every story finds its happy ending in the return of radical self-love.

When you experience physical death, you will all return to the state of radical self-love, no matter what you have or haven’t done in this lifetime.  (And it is okay if you do not believe this.)

If you can, it is good to cut right to the chase, and look at what is blocking your radical self-love, right now.

Your greatest enemies and the worst things that happen to you are always, always here to help you remember radical self-love.

If you sit with this, you will eventually see that it is absolutely true.