the 51 percent solution

Today we ask that you accept the darkness.

You live in a dualistic reality.  One of the fundamental attributes of your whole universe is that it is made up of very finely balanced opposing forces.

Therefore the fact that there is a lot of darkness in your world does not mean that there is something wrong or defective with it.  It is actually part of the design.

This is, for many, an extremely difficult concept to understand, or reconcile with a belief in a loving universe, or God.

If the universe is good, then why do so many bad things happen?

In your reality, there are two opposing forces.

There is a force that drives life toward greater harmony, unity, and beautiful complexity.

And there an opposing force that drives life toward greater disorder, separation, and chaotic dissolution.

You may call the first the “life force,” and the second the “death force.”

The death force, in of itself, is simply entropy.  It is the force that causes dust to accumulate, and mold to grow.  It causes metal to rust.  It causes complex things to break down into simpler components.  

Stripped of its “evil” connotation, that is all the dark side really is.  It is just mold, and rust.  

You might not like mold and rust.  But there is a place for it.  For it is necessary that things break down, so that new life may develop.

In truth, the most fertile and creative places in all the universe are those where the life force and the death force are very finely balanced — often by a hair.  

And the Earth is one such place.

The drama between the life force and the death force always goads extraordinary creative energy.

That is why so many of your geniuses — your brightest lights — come weighted down with a lot of darkness, with a very strong death force.  Mozart, and Van Gogh, were such people.

Very bright light and profound darkness tend to go hand in hand.  This is understood in your collective mythology.  Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter must both contend with potent inner darkness, externalized as Darth Vader and Voldemort.

This is also explains many “bipolar” tendencies.  Very light beings often come weighted with a lot of darkness, and are finely balanced between the two.

Rather than feeling that something is defective with you or the world, it would be more useful to acknowledge that a finely balanced life force and death force is simply intrinsic to life on Earth, and a cause for the incredible levels of creative energy and vitality found here.

Once this is acknowledged, there are ways to become more strongly rooted in the “life force” side of the spectrum.

If 50/50 is a perfect balance, then all you or anyone really needs in any given moment is 51 percent on the side of the life force.  100 percent is not possible, in this dualistic world.  But a whole lot can be done with 51 percent.

51 percent, by the way, is where humanity stands right now, at this very moment.   This is a cause for celebration.  

So what will keep you at 51 percent, or higher?

You must keep your house clean.

The human mind and body is very much like a house.  Dust is always collecting, mold is always growing.  

There is no way to stop this process — but you can clean.

Just keep your mind and body as light and healthy as you can.

Exercise, eat well, meditate.  Keep away from excessive negative energy.

This is enough to keep you at “51 percent.”  It might even get you to 52 or 53, which is a very big deal, in this world.  

And don’t hate the dust and mold.  Just accept its existence.

The crazy thoughts that rattle around your brain, the crazy things people do — it’s all just dust, and mold.

Dust and mold aren’t evil.  They have a vital part to play in this world.  

That’s all the Dark Side is.  Dust and mold, writ large.

You’ll never get rid of all the dust and mold, no matter how hard you try.  And even thinking you can or should is its own form of craziness.  

Just try to hold steady at 51 percent.  

51 percent life force, 49 percent death force.  

51 percent light, 49 percent darkness.  

51 percent love, 49 percent fear.

It’s a great starting place from which to change your whole experience of reality.