clean out your closet

Today we ask that you sit with yourself, and consider what you wish to let go of, and what you wish to keep, as you enter a new time.

It is like cleaning out a cluttered closet.  You look at all these things, and you think — “I can part with that.  I can keep this.”

Often, you choose to let go of old, outmoded clothes.  Clothes that are worn out, or too tight, or too loose, or for various reasons just don’t work for you anymore.

Today is a sacred day.  And this day beckons you to look at your mind and beliefs the same way you would a cluttered closet.

Beliefs are very much like clothes.

But people have a tendency to hold on to beliefs more than they do clothes.  People tend to be “belief packrats.”

They will hold on to old beliefs that are very worn out.  

They will hold on to old beliefs that are tight and uncomfortable.

They will hold on to old beliefs that really do not fit the time they are living in.

They will hold on to old beliefs that do not go with their current style, or energy.

They will hold on to old beliefs because of sentimental value.  “My parents gave me this belief, so I can’t part with it.”

The problem with a cluttered belief closet is that it does not allow room for the flow of new beliefs, and new energy, into your life.

So today is a day to take a big trash bag, and go through your belief closet with a very discerning eye.  Today is the day to let go of old, tight, worn, outmoded beliefs.

They may sound like: 

“I am worthless.”

“I can’t do anything right.”

“I’m not a good person.”

“I’m very guilty about how I live my life.”

“I’m a failure.”

“I hate the way I look.”

“I’m a bad partner.”

“I’m a bad parent.”

“I’ll never be good enough.”

“There’s something wrong with me.”

They may also be outwardly directed:

“So-and-so ruined my whole life.”

“This is a terrible world.”

“This world is full of horrible people.”

“This world is doomed.”

“Life is just one bad thing after another.”

“Life is full of senseless tragedies.”

“Certain kinds of people are morally defective.”

“This is a dog-eat-dog world that victimizes the good and weak; only the ruthless and strong survive.”

All these beliefs have one thing in common.

They are attacking beliefs.

They attack you.  They attack other people.  They attack the world.

These are the beliefs to throw in the garbage bag today.  

You can do that by questioning them.  Sit with these beliefs, and honestly ask yourself if they are really, absolutely true.  

Byron Katie’s system of inquiry, called The Work, can be very helpful with this process.

You don’t need to keep those beliefs.  These beliefs are old clothes that really don’t fit you anymore.  They are worn out.  

If you are thorough, you may find yourself with a nearly empty closet.  And that is okay.  Better to have just a few stylish clothes that fit you very well, than a whole closet full of junk.

Here are the beliefs you can keep:

“I am a good person.”

“I deserve love.”

“This is a good and beautiful world.”

These thoughts are all simple.  They are all defined by love and acceptance.

“My life is good.”

“I am good.”

“Reality is good.”

Such beliefs are like a great pair of jeans.  They fit you well, you feel good in them, you are at ease.  Walking around in those jeans, you look good to other people, as well.  Such beliefs are like a wonderful coat that keeps you warm, but is also very stylish.  They’re like an excellent pair of shoes.

Cleaning out your belief closet is an ongoing process.  You may fill a trash bag, only to find a deeper layer of truly old, ridiculously outmoded beliefs from decades ago.  

You may also occasionally find an old gem — like a grandparent’s unconditional love for you, when you were a child.  That you can keep.  It’s a great old vintage piece.

That said, watch out for being overly sentimental.  Just because your mother always criticized you for being fat does not mean you should hold on to that belief; even if your mother has passed away.  That’s a really hideous piece of clothing, and there’s no room in your closet for that.  

That is what today is for.  That is what this holiday is.

It’s about getting rid of the old, to make room for the new.

Once you make room for the new, you may be surprised at what comes into your life.

You are good.  You deserve love, and are loved.  Believe it.