stop listening to the voice of fear

Today we ask that you not listen to the Voice of Fear.

The Voice of Fear is a very loud voice in your reality.  It is always talking.  

It is the Voice inside your head that tells you how worthless you are, and how hopeless everything is.

It is the Voice in the News that always speaks of a terrifying, hostile, and doomed world.

It is the Voice of Reason that says you are a speck of dirt in a cold, uncaring universe.

It is the Voice that drives people to acts of violence against themselves, and others.

It is the Voice of Addiction.  

It is the Voice of Dis-Ease.

The Voice will always present itself as your friend.  It tells you that you are worthless so that you’ll get off your behind and do something.  It tells you you’re a failure so that you’ll finally make something of yourself.  It tells you the world is hostile so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones.  It tells you about your enemies so that you can defend yourself, and attack them.  Oh yes, it is very reasonable.

It is the Voice that says, “One drink won’t hurt.”  It is the Voice that says: “You’re only buzzed, you’re okay to drive.”  

It is the Voice that says: “You’re not hurting your child, you’re doing this for his own good, because you must teach him it’s a cruel world out there.”

This Voice always knows.  It knows everything.  It loves to hear itself talk.  It is a great pundit.  It is very sure of itself, very certain, and it will always tell you that the facts are on its side.

This Voice says: “It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and there’s not enough to go around.  So you must bite and claw to get to the top, and to hell with everyone else.”

It is the Voice that says: “My family and my tribe is the most important, and I’ll kill to protect them, if necessary.  If other families or tribes are oppressed or exploited by my actions, too bad for them.  They’d only oppress and exploit me if the tables were turned.”

Sound familiar?

This Voice has many guises, but it is really only one Voice.  It is the Voice of Hate and Fear.  And it is responsible for countless deaths.  All suicides, murders, and holocausts are caused by this Voice.  Countless people die of diseases brought on by listening to and believing this Voice.  Your world is experiencing a massive environmental crisis because of this Voice.

You must stop listening to it.

There is another Voice.  It is much quieter.  It usually does not speak in words, but feelings.

It is the Voice of Love.  The Voice of the Heart.  The Voice of Spirit.

This Voice will not speak in certainties.  It is not about facts and figures.

It requires faith.

Not the faith of the fundamentalist, who waves around a book and says these are the literal words of God.  That is not faith.  That is certainty, and it is rooted in the Voice of Fear.

The faith of which we speak offers no certainty.  Nonetheless, it is very real, and truer than anything in your reality.

Love is the language in which it speaks.  Pure unconditional love, that asks nothing in return.

This Voice is all around you.  In the trees, the sky, the wind, the ocean, the sunset, the beauty of the Earth.  It is in the singing of the birds.  It is the cat purring in your lap, the warmth of your dog’s fur.  It is in the sweet smell of the baby you are holding.  It is there when you joyously play with a small child.  It is there when you embrace someone you truly love.  

It is there when you quiet your mind, in meditation.  When the Voice of Fear finally stops talking, the Voice of Love quietly makes its presence felt.  It speaks to you from the silence.

All true stories and myths tell of the conflict between the Voice of Love, and the Voice of Fear.  All mythic heroes follow the path of the love, even as they are beset by many frightening things.  They have faith in something deeper, and this faith can lead them alive and whole out of any monster’s den, with treasure in hand.  The treasure is the unshakeable peace and calm that arises from facing and transcending one’s deepest fears.

So it might be said that the Voice of Fear is your greatest teacher.  For it teaches you to dig down deep within, to tap into the faith and courage that lies in your heart.  

You may honor the Voice of Fear as your teacher.

But you must not listen to it or believe it, no matter what it tells you.

For the Voice of Fear always lies.  

Not sometimes.  Always.

And the Voice of Love always tells the truth.

Not sometimes.  Always.

Who will you choose to listen to, today?