listen to your heart

Today we ask that you take all advice with a grain of salt.

That includes the messages that are written here.

There is one way to know whether or not advice is good or bad for you.

Does it make you feel lighter?

Or does it make you feel heavier?

You all know what this means.

To feel light is to feel light-hearted.  There is a loosening, an easing of tension, on a deep level.  You feel integrated.  You feel good.

To feel heavy is to feel heavy-hearted.  There is a tightening.  You feel tense.  You feel conflicted.  This is not a good feeling.

So that is how to know what is true and what is false for you.

Sometimes very well-meaning, intelligent people who care about you will give you advice that is totally wrong for you.

You will know this because of how it makes you feel.

It is not a mental thing.  It is a heart thing.

It is essential that you learn to listen to these feelings.

It is not about fear.  Sometimes genuinely good advice may trigger fear.  But the fear comes from the mind — not the heart.

There is a big difference between a frightened mind, and a heavy heart.

It is entirely possible to have a light heart, and a fearful mind.

It is also possible to have a heavy heart, and a mind that says: “This is sensible, this is the safe path.”

Do you understand?

That is why it is so important that you learn how to assess what you are told from the heart.

If people really listened to their hearts, it would be impossible for liars to prevail.  No one would be “scammed.”

And there would be far fewer mismatched relationships.

So please, when anyone tells you what to do, or how to live — please, listen to your heart.  Notice whether there is lightness, or heaviness.  Sometimes it is subtle, but the more attuned you become, the more apparent this sensation shall be.