honor the sacred time

Today we ask that you be gentle with yourselves in this time.

Much has been made, in certain circles, of the end of 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar.

The world is not ending, rest assured.

However, there is an influx of energy in your world in this time.  This process has already begun, and will continue for a little while.

Some of you may be experiencing unusual symptoms: nausea, instability, depression, anxiety, lethargy.  You may be having strange or vivid dreams.  You may have emotional outbursts.

You may also be experiencing hypersensitivity.  Urban environments may be challenging.  Taking in the news on TV or the internet may be challenging.

Really, this time has an energy of sacredness around it.  Historically, people instinctively understood the sacredness of certain times, and behaved accordingly.  They withdrew from mundane and worldly behaviors, went on pilgrimages to sacred sites, and found a peaceful way to connect with and absorb the incoming energies.

It would be very wise for all of you to do this, in your own ways.

You are entering a sacred time.  It is not the end of the world, but it marks the beginning of a new time.

This is not a good time to be “business as usual.”

The more you can honor and acknowledge this sacred time, the easier it will be for you to experience it.

It is essential that you allow yourself plenty of rest and sleep in this time.

For those of you who engage in meditative practices, now more than ever it is important for you to engage in these practices.

If you do experience negative feelings, sensations, and thoughts arising in this time, please know that it is normal, and it will pass.

If you can, please find a way to imbue the solstice period with the energy of sacredness, and love.  It is a time to reflect on what you wish to carry forward with you, and what you are ready to leave behind.

There is absolutely nothing to fear about any of this.

Just know that if you are experiencing symptoms or sensitivity in this time period, you are not alone.

The more you can ground yourself and be present within your bodies on earth, the better you will feel.