the world is not endingToday we ask that you release your fears about the future.

Humans are in a time of great change, it is true.  But please do not believe that these changes mean an end to human civilization, for this is not so.

You are reaching an ending, and coming into a beginning.

What is ending is a very long phase of human history defined by tribalism, separation, violence, and greed.

What is beginning is a time that will require humans to come together as a global community, to drop their separate tribal identities, and work together in peace for the common good.

This path will eventually lead mankind to the exploration of the stars, and open contact with “alien” beings.

If it sounds a bit like “Star Trek,” that is not so far off the mark.

All over the world, the younger generations are choosing love and community over divisiveness, tribalism, and separation.

This is a very significant moment, and a truly wonderful time to be alive — particularly if you are in alignment with the new energy.

The unfolding climate changes will require and demand that humans come together as a collective to heal their world.  This will not be without challenge, but there is every indication that humans can and will do this.

So please do not fear.  Do not fear.

This is really a very good time to be alive.  And for those of you who are sensitive and open, the time that is coming is much more of an energetic match for you than the older, more divisive energies of human history prior to the coming times.

Anyone reading these words or open to these words, please take heart.  Have courage.  Do not fear.

You are all absolutely beloved, and absolutely needed in these times.  Just by being yourselves, even “doing nothing,” the sensitive ones raise the collective energy of all mankind.